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Going Solar Has Never Been So Easy

We at Neo Industries USA, LLC, are dedicated to providing the highest quality, cost effective lighting while exceeding our clients expectations daily.

We Connect You To The Sun

Making the most of modern beautiful Led lighting features combining with the solar high efficient solar energy. (Solar kits for golf cars, boats, houses, camping).


We’re Not Just Reducing Demand For Electricity—We’re Destroying It Solar panels and LED lightbulbs might be good for the world, but they’re starting to hurt America’s utility companies.  This story was originally published on Slate. The Wall Street Journal had a good...

Solar Energy for All

We offer products, information and knowledge about renewable energy so

that people can take possession of this abundant and accessible

commodity today. 

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About Us

Neo Industries USA is a company focused on developing kits for solar power generation. We develop from small kits to larger solutions, whether they are geared towards higher consumption equipment or specific needs.

With over 15 years of lighting experience, what sets Neo Industries USA apart from other competitors is its commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to customers. 

What We Do

We are a Solar Energy Solutions provider. 

Homeowners Solutions

As part of the home solar energy solutions we offer direct home owner consultations to recommend best solutions for your home.

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Professional Energy

Our solar lighting and energy products are top quality, offering the highest efficiency.  Our wholesale department offers solutions for proffesional installers.

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Solar Energy Solutions

You can install our solar lighting in all areas of your property, reducing the need for electrical wiring, and creating a greener, cheaper and more practical alternative. These lamps are great for all your different projects whether it be residential or commercial, parks and recreation, farmland or wherever else you might need a light pole.

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Micro Inverters

Solar power is an important source of renewable energy. Other energy sources such as coal and oil have finite supplies. Yet the sun will keep on shining potentially beyond human existence. We offer unique micro inverters that allow for a more efficient solar to energy convertion.

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Lighting Design

The goal is to recommend the appropriate solar luminaire, with the appropriate lighting level for each type of environment, in order to eliminate visual pollution, using clean energy, as well as ecologically correct and efficient.

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Energy Efficiency

Whether it’s economy, leisure or a guarantee of your company’s competitiveness, NEO Industries USA is the shortest way between you and solar energy. 

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Our Products

Benefits of Using Solar Energy Lights

Low Energy Costs

  • Solar powered lamps generate light at 0% cost.

Low Maintenance

  • These lamps were designed with quality in mind, translating into durability and low maintenance after installation.

Powered by a Renewable Resource

  • Solar power is an important source of renewable energy. Other energy sources such as coal and oil have finite supplies. Yet the sun will keep on shining potentially beyond human existence.

Low Risks

  • With solar lighting, there is no risk of electrocution and the lamps are cool to the touch, making them safe for children and pets.

Longer lifespan

  • Conventional lights have an average lifespan of 3,000 hours. The total life of a Solar Street Light using an LED lamp creates a lifespan of around 10 TIMES that of a conventional light.

Automatic On/Off Sensor

  • Neo Industries Solar Lights are equipped with darkness sensors which will automatically turn on the lights without the need to flip a switch.


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     “Going solar is the right decision for anyone, but choosing Neo Industries USA was definetly a break through.  They have up front Technologies I didn´t even knew it existed…

I am all about construction but when it comes to Solar Led Light or solar Energy System Neo Industries USA is the one….”  –  Roni.


As a surfer I am connected to the ocean and the sun… I suport Neo Industries because they are bringing the clean energy directly from sun into our everyday lives.
It means more than savings, more than energy freedom or whatever most people repeat about renewable… It means more… it means simply: “ better Future” –  Kelly Rhode




The minute they connected solar panel to my wires I immediately noticed the magic of changing the sun light into electricity… Thank you Neo Industries for this wonderful experience. I just feel like I should have done it before!” – Andrea Cerda

Solar Energy Solutions



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