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Solar Energy For All

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We are dedicated to provide high quality, cost effective solar energy lighting that meet or exceed client expectations. What differentiates us from other conventional popular lighting solutions available on the market is the fact that no wires are needed to supply electricity. We are the Wireless lighting and energy solutions; We are NEO:






1 – Quality components; (High efficiency Led chips, drivers, lenses and solar; Our led chips can make from 160~190 lumens per watt)



2 – Factory-direct pricing; (We often are at least 30% lower than competitors).



3- We can make Customs specification orders for commercial projects; (lumen output, ambient temperature, beam spread, color temperature or integrated KVA surge protection can be changed according to projects)



Marcelo Araujo

Marcelo Araujo, the responsible for sales and marketing of the company. Your communication skills are what set him apart and add value to that brand. This whole network comes from 20 years from America, from his experience as a jiu jitsu teacher who has earned him many medals, fans and of course the credibility that makes available to the company and its products and services.

Marcelo has a sports leadership that inspires competitiveness and the need to always win “Just seeing what I would buy” is its trademark.

Amauri Domingos

Amauri, the businessman who turned the American dream into reality. The man responsible for the management and finance of NEO INDUSTRIES USA. He uses his tenacity, his determination and his entrepreneurial vision to keep the company up and running. His Leadership is participatory style. But in the end, it is his decision that will take the dream off the paper and make it a reality.

$100,000 by 2024

Giving Back to the Environment

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Solar Energy 

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Our Mission

Mission Statement

We a seeking to become the number #1 provider of all kinds of led lighting for end users, builders and commercial light in general.  

Our Vision

Develop the most modern beautiful led lighting features combining with the solar high efficiency solar energy products.

Our Values

To sell solar kits, solar panels, solar inverters and solar related products to home owners, professional installers, and educate all end users.



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551 Robert M Grissom Parkway, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577


Open Everyday 9am-6pm